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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Is This The Death Of HD-DVD? - Toshiba Slash HD-DVD Prices Again

Last week the HD-DVD camp were dealt another blow in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war, actually, they were dealt more blows than Rocky Balboa and this time it doesn't look like Rocky will get back up (Yes, HD-DVD is Balboa in this cheap metaphor). After having to cancel its pitch at CES, movie studios Warner Bros and New Line Cinema jumping over to team Blu-Ray and Microsoft considering a Blu-Ray Xbox, i would be right in saying that it was a week that HD-DVD will want to forget. The question now is... "Is this the end for HD-DVD?" It certainly looks that way, Microsoft considering turning Blu has really got to sting but HD-DVD's egos and pride are far too great to just throw in the towel and they are going to fight to the death in true Rocky fashion.

The HD-DVD player top dogs are Toshiba and they have came out swinging, announcing some super sharp price cuts. Over in the US, entry level players HD-A3, HD-A30 with 1080p output and the high-end HD-A35 have now had their price tags slashed down to a clearance bin worthy $150 (£75), $200 (£100) and $300 (£150). The US are not the only ones offered HD-DVD bargains. Over here in the UK the Toshiba HD-EP30 (pictured) has had yet another price drop and is now down to a cool £180 plus you get 7 free HD-DVD titles, yes that's right, 7! Also in the U.S of A, Toshiba are starting a new huge ad campaign to try and get back in the hi-def fight, concentrating on HD-DVD prices and DVD-handling benefits.

Will this "fightback" work? Or are they just postponing the inevitable a little bit longer? I'll leave that for you to decide but at the end of the day, we are all getting bargains and that is music to anyone's ears.

If you would like to take up the Toshiba HD-EP30 plus 7 HD-DVD titles for £180 deal, it is only available at Amazon

Update: Toshiba HD-EP30 plus 7 Free titles now £119.99 at Amazon!

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