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Friday, 11 January 2008

Samsung F490 Takes On iPhone And Hits The UK First

Samsung are leading the charge from mobile producers in the "War against iPhone" by launching a brand new touchscreen mobile phone named the F490.

The F490 has a 3.2 inch screen with haptic-touch feedback which should be more than satisfactory for even the most critical of mobile phone pundits, an 11.8 mm chassis which is only .2 of a mm thicker than that of an iPhone so it is definitely not overweight and for Web uses it has HSDPA where it definitely tops the iPhone's average EDGE. Memory is a bit of a let down with only 130MB internal memory so you'll be thanking your lucky stars for MicroSD. An SD card is a must have or you'll quickly be running out of media opportunities.

The Samsung F490 is to be launched in the UK first in February which will be a very rare event when launched indeed but a price has not yet been set, be sure to check back for more news soon.

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