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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Rescue Pets Swim To Me Puppy

Swim To Me Puppy from Rescue Pets

Walking toys have been about for a while now and are not by any means new but walking and swimming toys? Well thats something to shout about.

With Swim To Me Puppy that is exactly what you get here, Swim To Me Puppy is capable of walking all on his own on land but when droppped into water he can also swim! So whether you want to take him in the bath, to the pool or you simply just drop him in the sink, he will be able to swim his way out of any trouble that comes his way.

The puppy has small sensors on his chest that once covered in water, will start his legs moving and therefore swimming! And, to add to the whole cute factor that this celever little Puppy has going on, he even comes with his very swim goggle and a towel!

Buy Swim To Me Puppy from Rescue Pets

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