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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Spiderman Ultimate Web Blaster

Spiderman 3 Ultimate Web Blaster: The ultimate Spiderman toy!

The Spiderman 3 Ultimate Web Blaster is another toy available this Christmas that makes me envy this genrations children. As a kid i longed for a toy of this calibre and although i myself am too old to run around pretending to be Spiderman (maybe), at least my kids can enjoy this fabulous toy.

The Spiderman Ultimate Web Blaster is a five-in-one Spidey arm blaster that kids attach to their forearm with adjustable straps and use to fend of evil villains.

The arm blaster has 5 different types of ammo for kids to choose from including the all important spirals of double-stream web fluid, water, suction tipped darts, missiles or rapid-firing stretchy webs!

No matter how evil a villain comes your way, they won't be able to handle the Spiderman 3 Ultimate Web Blaster.

Buy Spiderman Ultimate Web Blaster: Price Comparisons

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